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I bought yet another furoku (Nakayoshi promotional goodies) set, this time a notebook. It was filled with these doodles (along with others, which I’ll post later), which where never reprinted anywhere else (to my knowledge). I’ve never seen these posted online before so I figured I’d share them with the world!

They’re watermarked because the furoku set was bought, scanned, and edited by me. Please let me know if you want the original scans to edit! You can also see more of my exclusive furoku scans here.

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Model: Morgennebel08

Photographer: Ksenya Korneychuk

Mera Luna 2014

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that tension between u and the other youth in the manga/anime section of a public store

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Sanrio x Yogurtland

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"I feel like I’m not even here.."


Hannah Georgas and Ryan Guldemond

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